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Tribrachs and Tribrach Adapters for Surveying

Tribrachs are an essential piece of equipment for surveyors and construction professionals. They are used to hold and adjust surveying instruments such as total stations and GPS receivers. SURV-KAP offers a wide selection of tribrachs for sale, including the tribrach with optical plummet. This feature allows for even more precise measurements and greater accuracy in surveying projects.

Tribrachs and Tribrach Adapters Browse our catalog of Surveying Tribrachs here. Call to order at 800-445-5320.

Tribrachs are used in a variety of surveying applications, including construction, building and land surveying. Our tribrachs are high-quality and built to last, making them a reliable piece of equipment for surveyors.

We offer a range of high-quality tribrach, tribrach adapter, tribrach parts and total station tribrach to meet your surveying and construction needs. Our tribrachs are also compatible with a variety of adapters, a tribrach adjuster, a laser plummet and total station adapters, making them versatile tools for surveyors and construction and building professionals.

For tribrach surveying and optical plummet in surveying, our optical plummet and laser tribrachs feature high-precision, smooth locking mechanisms with secure motion foot screw, as well as precise alignment of support cavity to the 5/8-11 threaded base plate to assure accurate centering of the instrument. Additionally our Optical Plummet Tribrach features access for Japanese-style EDM systems, electronic and optical theodolites; push-pull slide focus; circular vial with 10 minute/2mm security; and an optical plummet over point accuracy of 0.5mm – 15m.

Our laser tribrach also features a push-button switch close to the body to prevent accidentally turning on, a CR2 lithium battery for 10 hours of continuous operation; a circular vial with 8-minute sensitivity; and a laser-plummet accuracy of 0.5mm – 15m. If you’re looking for a tribrach plate, see our tribrach adapter, which are adonized black aluminum with 5/8-11 brass thread mounting and anodized aluminum mounting studs.

At SURV-KAP, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of surveying equipment and supplies, making it easy for surveyors and construction professionals to find everything they need in one place. In addition to tribrachs and tribrach adapter products, we also offer a range of other surveying tools and equipment, including laser plummet and total station. These tools, when used in conjunction with a tribrach, can provide even more precise measurements and greater accuracy in surveying projects.

As a leading supplier of tribrach and surveying equipment, SURV-KAP strives to provide our customers with high-quality, precise and reliable tribrach used in surveying, tribrach with laser or optical plummet and rotating tribrach adaptor or adjusting cylinder products. We understand that surveying equipment can be costly and we want to make it accessible to as many industry professionals as possible.

Browse our site to shop our wide supply of tribrachs for sale, including the tribrach with optical plummet, laser plummet, tribrach adjuster and other equipment for surveyors. Shop our other surveying tools and equipment for theodolites, all of which are high-quality, precision instruments that are built to last.

Our team of experienced professionals is here to answer your tribrach and survey questions or help your choose the best tool for your next surveyor project. We strive to provide a competitive price and the best possible service support to our customers. We are committed to being one of the top suppliers in the surveying industry.