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Survey Laser Equipment

Laser surveying instruments are used in a variety of surveying and construction jobs where an accurate, level reference is needed, such as working a site grading plan for a new building or installing sewer pipe. Live level lasers emit level lines in a single direction onto a wall or workspace, and are typically used indoors. Rotary lasers emit a level line in a rotary fashion, in 360 degrees. Rotary lasers for surveying are typically mounted on a sturdy surveying tripod. When a rotary surveying laser is used outside, one also needs a survey laser detector, also known as a laser receiver, in order to detect the beam from the rotary laser.

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SURV-KAP offers a range of line lasers, rotary lasers and laser detectors for all surveying and construction applications. They come in a capable variety of working ranges and beam configurations, and complete kits are available. We invite you to browse and choose from our selection of survey lasers and detectors.