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Leveling Rods and Survey Rods

SURV-KAP is proud to carry a selection of leveling rods, essential for a variety of surveying applications, including plumbing jobs, concrete or paving projects, building construction, excavation work and more. These survey leveling rods, also known as level rods or leveling sticks, are used to accurately measure all kinds of buildings, structures and surfaces from grade height to bridge elevation and beyond. They’re designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding projects, providing precision and accuracy with every measurement.

Leveling Rods for Surveying Browse our catalog of Leveling Rods here. Call to order at 800-445-5320.

Leveling rods are the ideal solution for your specific surveying or measuring task. Take the 11-8 series aluminum leveling rod. Its aluminum construction means this leveling stick is durable, lightweight and made to withstand demanding conditions – even on the toughest job sites! Plus, the 11-8 series feature telescoping sections and injection molded joints, capped off with high strength buttons. Whether you’re a professional surveyor or an engineering contractor, this leveling rod is an essential tool for any project. Its adjustable locking mechanism allows for quick and easy adjustments, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

For those who require a more sophisticated measuring tool, our leveling rods for surveying can be equipped with attachable laser rod levels, allowing for even greater accuracy and precision. Plus, the snap-on rod level provides quick and easy readings, reducing the time and effort required to complete any survey, excavation or engineering project.

Need to measure elevation? These engineering rods get the job done right every time. They’re perfect for measuring the height of structures, walls and more. The durable construction of the engineering rod ensures that it will last for years, even under tough conditions.

Leveling rods from SURV-KAP are essential tools for any surveyor, engineer or construction professional. With a focus on precision, accuracy and durability, we offer leveling rods that meet the needs of even the most demanding professionals. Whether you need a leveling rod, survey level rod or engineering rod, SURV-KAP has the right tool or instrument for the job. So why wait? Invest in the best today and take your surveying to the next level.