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GPS Rover Rods

GPS Rover Rods are used to extend the rover's range. SURV-KAP offers a complete range of GPS Rover Rods for surveying.  When purchasing a rover rod, be sure to get one that is durable as well as lightweight. We offer both lightweight carbon fibre and aluminum lightweight rover rods for ease of transporting into the field. 

GPS Rover RodsBrowse our catalog of GPS Rover Rods here. Call to order at 800-445-5320.

SURV-KAP is proud to offer David White's SitePro line of GPS Rover Rods for surveying applications. All models extend to 2 meters, and collapse to 4.5 feet for ease of transport. They all come with onboard 20-minute, adjustable circular vial and snap-loc for no slip with compression lock. Browse our capable selection of GPS Rover Rods now.