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Surveying Tools, Supplies and Equipment

Looking for high-quality surveying equipment and supplies for surveying, construction and building projects can be a challenge. When selecting the construction-grade tool or supply for your next job, it’s important to consider factors such as precision, durability, and versatility. David White's SitePro surveying products are designed and manufactured to stand up to daily surveying use and provide accurate measurements, every time.

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 Here are some key features to consider when choosing surveyors’ equipment:

  • Accuracy: The most important aspect of any surveying equipment or machine is its accuracy. Look for suppliers that offer products that provide precise measurements, with a high level of consistency.
  • Durability: Construction sites can be tough environments, so it's important to choose equipment that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Look for equipment that is built to last and engineered to perform in harsh weather conditions.
  •  Portability: Mobility is key when choosing land survey supplies. You need to be able to easily transport your equipment to different job sites. Consider the weight and size of the equipment when making your selection.
  •  Compatibility: Make sure the equipment you choose is compatible with other tools and supplies you use in your work. This includes transom and accessories.
  • Price: The cost of surveying equipment can vary widely, so it's important to compare prices and select a high-quality land survey tool at a competitive cost.

SURV-KAP is proud to supply surveying tools and accessories that meet your survey company needs, including construction and site prep, GIS, land surveying, GNSS, mining, rail and agriculture applications. Our online store offers construction-grade and professional surveying tools, and engineers' and contractors' equipment for sale, including optical and laser instruments, measuring devices, work gear and field supplies for surveyors, industrial and commercial use. 

Whether you're a professional surveyor or a construction manager, SitePro surveying equipment is a must-have for any job site. As your preferred supplier, we offer David White’s high-quality SitePro surveyor’s tools:

 Optical Survey Instruments

We offer a range of high-quality optical survey instruments, including levels, transit levels, and theodolites for measuring distances, angles and elevations, and to determine precise locations and dimensions of land, buildings, and other structures. These surveyor tools are designed to deliver precise and accurate measurements to ensure your surveys are reliable and effective and your construction and building projects are built according to plans and regulations. With advanced features such as electronic compensators, long-range distance measurement and precision accessories, they are versatile tools for all your surveying needs.

 Survey Laser Equipment

We offer a wide range of survey laser equipment, including rotary lasers, surveying 5-point lasers, laser detectors and accessories. The rotary lasers feature self-leveling technology, while the 5-point lasers offer precise and accurate readings, making this survey equipment ideal for a variety of tasks. The laser detectors are designed to accurately detect laser beams, ensuring that readings are precise. These surveyors’ tools are also equipped with accessories such as tripods, wall mounts, and remote-control devices, making them even more versatile.

 Surveying Tripods

Our surveying instruments include a variety of surveying tripods, including HiViz Salamander Tripods, composite tripods, aluminum survey tripods, and GPS/GNSS tripods. This surveying equipment is essential for providing a stable platform for surveying supplies, such as levels, transit levels, and theodolites. The HiViz Salamander Tripods are made from durable materials and feature a unique design that provides stability and ease of use. Composite tripods are lightweight and strong, making them ideal for tough job site conditions. Aluminum survey tripods are durable and offer a range of features, such as adjustable legs and quick clamps. GPS/GNSS tripods are designed to provide a stable platform for GPS and GNSS receivers, ensuring that property readings are accurate and precise.

 Leveling Rods and Grade Rods Surveying Tools

Our wide range of survey supplies includes leveling rods and grade rods. These surveying tools are used to measure elevations, slopes, and grades accurately and efficiently. The leveling rods feature graduated markings and are available in different lengths to meet the needs of a variety of tasks. The grade rods are designed to be durable and easy to use, making them ideal for outdoor work. They are also equipped with a level vial, allowing you to make precise measurements.

 Tribrach Surveyor Tools

We supply total station theodolites, including the David White DT8-Series Digital Transit Theodolite and the 5-SEC Digital Theodolite DT2. Providing accurate measurements with front and back digital displays, precise LCD digital readouts, optical plummet, built-in laser pointers and a wide range of other advanced features and accessories. These tools for surveying are ideal for projects that require an accurate and reliable tool for measuring and checking angles, alignment, and plumb; establishing 90-degrees reference lines; determining difference in elevation; basic grade work; short-range leveling; anchor bolt alignment; setting out curves; gravity flow pipe laser setup; aligning forms and walls; and much more.

 Prism Systems Survey Equipment

Choose from a variety of surveying tools including surveying prisms, mini prisms, 360 degrees survey prisms, prism poles and survey prism and pole accessories. These surveying supplies are designed to aid in measuring angles, elevations and distances to provide precise measurements. The surveying prisms are used with a total station or GPS instrument to determine changing positions, while mini prisms are ideal for hard-to-reach areas. 360 degree survey prisms provide a full circle reading, making them useful in layout and stakeout tasks. Prism poles, made of lightweight and durable materials, are used to hold prisms in place during measurements. The survey prism and pole accessories offered include adapters, tribrach, targets and reflectors to enhance the functionality of these tools.

 Survey Measure Tools, Equipment and Instruments

Among our other surveying tools, we offer a range of measuring wheels and surveyor's tape measure products designed to provide accurate and efficient land surveying measurements. Our surveying instruments are ideal for determining long distance property measurements indoors or outdoors, measuring wheels come in various sizes and designs, including folding models for easy transport and storage. Tape measures are constructed of durable materials, such as fiberglass, to withstand tough outdoor conditions. Surveying equipment and surveying instruments are essential for ensuring precise measurements, making them an indispensable part of any professional surveying or mapping project.

 Survey Field Supplies

Choose from a range of professional surveying supplies including plumb bobs and surveying field books for surveyors to take and record accurate measurements. The durable, weather resistant books provide ample space for recording observations, sketches and calculations, and often come with pre-printed grids and tables, making each the ideal surveying tool for data recording.

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