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Quantum Flex Composite Survey Markers (Boxes of 20)

Quantum Flex Composite Survey Markers (Boxes of 20)

Quickly and economically identify campsite assignments, hiking trails, off road delineation, underground utilities, survey sites  and other general purpose applications. The flexible marker withstands repeated vehicle impacts, flexing out of the way and returning to the original upright position. This reduces maintenance as well as possible injury from rusted or bent steel markers that often have sharp edges exposed to the public. Decals can be factory applied on one or both sides providing for a complete sign unit right from the box thus eliminating any type of nut & bolt field assembly. Marker installation is fast and easy. Quantum Flex™ markers can be driven into most soil conditions using a lightweight hand-held post driver in less than 60 seconds.

Custom and industry standard decals available  - Tell us what kind of decal you need and we will produce if for you. Many standard designs to choose from. Note: Sold in QTY of 20.

Easy Installation

Highly Visible