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Survey Monuments

SURV-KAP aluminum, flarable surveying monuments are designed to meet the requirements of county, state and federal agencies where a field flarable base is desired. Our survey monuments are available in a wide variety of corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, and they come with magnets to facilitate locating. Survey monument markers last indefinitely and are available in all popular rod lengths.

Survey monuments provide a benchmark or point of reference for surveying. We offer a variety of survey monuments, rebar caps, survey posts, pins, pegs and stakes. Land survey monuments also provide surveyors with a benchmark reference for elevations.

Detachable/break-off boundary survey monuments are designed to permanently mark boundary areas, and are made of high impact polystyrene designed to break and detach at a pre-determined point if disturbed, leaving the magnetic base below ground for relocating.

SURV-KAP offers permanent property survey monuments that are the perfect way to mark your project or establish boundary lines for subdivision control, re-monumentation of public land, utility right of way or mining claims.