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  • 2 1/2" Dome Top for 1/2" Rebar with Plastic Insert

The SURV-KAP SK-106-2 1/2D aluminum survey marker has a 2 ½” domed cap and is designed to securely attach to ½” rebar. Aluminum rebar caps are designed for applications where rebar boundary stakes are preferred. SURV-KAP rebar caps feature a patented tapered internal hole which securely conforms to irregularly-shaped rebar ends. SURV-KAP aluminum rebar caps come fitted with plastic inserts which provide an extremely secure connection between the rebar and the aluminum survey marker.

SURV-KAP metal survey markers are versatile and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport to the job site.

Magnets are available as an option. Magnets are mounted under the top on aluminum rebar caps.

Pre-stamping is available on all SURV-KAP rebar caps.  SURV-KAP survey markers can also be ordered without pre-stamping and can be hand-stamped in the field or in your office. CLICK HERE to see our hand-stamping tools. There is no charge for pre-stamping 25 or more rebar survey markers with identical stamping. 

2 1/2" Dome Top for 1/2" Rebar with Plastic Insert

  • Product Code: SK-106-2 1/2D
  • $5.18

500 or more $5.14
For orders of 24 or less with stamping, add $30

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