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Reference Modules

Here is an economical means to safeguard against disturbance of any type of monument where the surveyor wants to be sure of his original point, should the monument be disturbed or removed by vandals.

Since this magnet is placed underground with no visible signs of placement, the MR-2 can be used wherever the Surveyor requires a memorial or point of reference.

A great unit to combine with our flarable base monuments.

Excellent reference for gas and water lines or underground power and telephone lines.

Our magnetic reference module can be easily found with a magnetic locator up to depths of approximately six feet. The MR-2 will virtually last forever.

Always install the magnetic reference module in a vertical position with the black end in the downward or lowered position which leaves the color coded end cap in the top position.

CASE - Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic
MAGNET - Grade 8, ceramic permanent magnet


Color Codes

Color Description
Blue Water
Orange Fire Alarm, Railroad, Telephone, Television, Western Union
Red Electric, Street Lighting, Traffic Signal
Yellow Chemical, Gas, Oil
Green Sewer, Storm Drain
Fluorescent Blue Southwest Corner
Fluorescent Orange Northwest Corner
Fluorescent Pink Southeast Corner
Silver Northeast Corner
Clear Under Monument Marker