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Magnetic Locators

Our magnetic locators are an essential tool for finding objects that contain ferrous metal. The magnetic locator uses the Earth's magnetic field to act as a surveying metal detector. Surveying magnetic locators can find ferrous objects underground, underwater, beneath snow cover, etc. SURV-KAP has a selection of survey locators from top manufacturers, including magnetic pipe and survey marker locator tools. A subsurface magnetic locator is essential for finding things like utility lines (e.., power, water and gas) and is indispensable for any excavation professional. Plus, we have the ChrisNik, Inc. HoundDog which is the latest survey stake locator with some impressive new features.

ChrisNik’s HoundDog is built with new hi-tech Fence Ignoring Technology  (FIT). We taught our HoundDog to find the positive (+) polarity at the top of ferrous metal objects while ignoring the negative (-) polarity found at the bottom. This allows HoundDog to ignore the bottom of a fence and easily find the top of buried magnails, rebar or other ferrous survey markers.

The HoundDog can sniff out:

  • Survey markers up to 8ft. deep.
  • MAG NAIL & PK nails up to 14” deep
  • Manhole covers, Catch Basins, Cast-Iron Pipes, Septic Tank Handles, Oil Tanks, Steel Drums & Well Casing.
  • Valves & Curb Boxes up to 9’ deep


  • Volume increases automatically when object is detected
  • Operating Temperature-13 to 140 F - Weighs 1 3/4 lbs
  • Uses one 9 volt battery (55hrs Intermittent use) Low battery indication
  • Detector can be submerged in the water up to the handle grip 30”
  • 5 year warranty - not effected by ground metals - Overall length 37”
  • Circuit board is surface mount technology and has a protective silicone coating


  • Soft-sided case
  • Battery
  • Instructions

Subsurface Magnetic Locator

The ML-1 and ML-1M Magnetic Locators are the most sensitive and ruggedly-built ferromagnetic locators available. Locate steel survey pins, iron valve boxes, iron pipes, buried manhole covers, and other ferrous objects hidden under pavement, grass, or snow. Soft case, hard case and extra batteries included.


  • Audio Output: Real speaker for optimal clarity, increases in frequency with signal
  • Visual: Polarity and signal intensity LCD bar graph displays, low battery display (ML-1M only)
  • Electronics keypad: On/off/volume, gain up and gain down (sensitivity)
  • Longevity: 40 hours intermittent usage on two nine-volt alkaline batteries
  • Weight: Two pounds including batteries
  • Length: 38 1/2" (waterproof length: 27 1/4")
  • Fabrication: High impact ABS injection molded electronic case with aluminum mono-tube through entire unit including handle for strength


  • Soft, over-the-shoulder carrying case with an inside Velcro pouch
  • Protective hard case
  • Two sets of nine-volt batteries
  • Owner's manual