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Through-Hole Rod Monument Cap

The through-hole rod monument cap is designed for use on stainless steel sectional rod monuments. The finished monument may incorporate a grease filled sleeve and special back-fill around the upper few feet of rod. Additionally, an access cover and PVC pipe collar may be utilized.

Installation is quick and easy

May be pre-stamped, field stamped or custom cast with the user's information

Identifies the monument and permits the most accurate and repeatable 3-D measurements possible.

The sectional rod monument is installed in the normal manner and driven to refusal or until sufficiently stable ground is reached.

The rod is cut at the desired height and a datum is ground or filed on the end. A punch mark may also be made in the end at this time.

The through-hole rod monument cap is placed on the upper end of the installed monument and is driven over the rod until the datum produced in the tip protrudes above the top of the cap.

Because all measurements are made from the end of the rod protruding through the cap, the errors resulting from the unauthorized removal of an attached datum or standard rod cap are eliminated. Further, the monument can be identified and other user information provided at the point without setting an additional monument marker.

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