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Aluminum 5/8" Sectional Rod Monuments

Surv-Kap extension rods feature machine-faced and precision drilled and tapped ends to freely accept every lockscrew. A high nickel and chromium stainless steel alloy lockscrew securely fastens the Extension Rod to the Driving Rod. A "Scratch" mark is machined 1" from each end of the rod to assist in cap installation. Please call for custom rod lengths

  • This monument consists of four separate components: cap, extension rod, lockscrew and driving rod.
  • Magnets included in all caps; caps are 2" Flat or 2 1/2", 3 1/4" Flat or Dome
  • Where Single Rod is required without threaded hole - see Triple-Fluted Stakes
  • Rod ends each have threaded hole and lockscrew installed in one end
  • Both ends are protected by plastic end caps

No charge for stamping 25+ monument caps with identical standard stamping ($30 stamping charge for 1-24 caps).

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