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Aluminum 3/4" Sectional Rod Monuments

This monument consists of four separate components: cap, extension rod, lockscrew and driving rod.
  - Aluminum caps are available in 2" flat or 2 1/2" and 3 1/4" flat or dome styles.
  - Magnets are factory installed under all aluminum caps.
  - Rod sections have a threaded hole in each end for attaching extensions, and come with a lockscrew installed in one end.
  - A "scratch" mark is machined 1" from each end of the rod to assist in cap installation. 

Ordering tips:  A complete sectional rod monument includes one cap, at least one sectional rod in any length, and the driving rod.  Order as many extension rods as you need for your installation depth application.  These components must all be individually included in your order.  You may order caps, sectional rods in any length, and driving rods individually at any time as well.  

    Where Single Rod is required without threaded hole - see Triple-Fluted Stakes

    No charge for stamping 25+ caps with identical standard stamping ($30 stamping charge for 1-24 caps).