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Section Rod Survey Monuments

SURV-KAP sectional rod and extension rod monuments are multiple section survey monuments designed to be driven into soil until the point of refusal or desired depth is reached.

This monument consists of four separate components: cap, extension rod, lockscrew and driving rod.

  - Magnets included in all caps; caps are 2" flat or 2 1/2", 3 1/4" flat or dome
  - Where single rod is required without threaded hole - see Triple-Fluted Stakes.
  - 3/4" and 5/8" aluminum sectional rod monuments
  - Rod ends each have threaded hole and lockscrew installed in one end
  - Both ends are protected by plastic end caps

SURV-KAP extension rods feature machine-faced and precision drilled and tapped ends to freely accept every lockscrew. A high nickel and chromium stainless steel alloy lockscrew securely fastens the extension rod to the driving rod. A "scratch" mark is machined 1" from each end of the rod to assist in cap installation. Please call for custom rod lengths.