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Mag nails, including Magnails™ are the ideal nail for construction layout, engineering and land survey applications that require easy detection, including control points setting, construction offsets and setting property lines and boundaries. A mag nail is perfect for setting critical points into surfaces such as wood, concrete, asphalt, etc. Magnails for surveying are magnet enhanced so they're findable by metal locator in situations where the mag nails are deeper below the surface.

Magnail is a hardened masonry nail with a zinc and clear chromate coating to resist corrosion. We stock ChrisNik mag nails. These mag survey nails are magnetized for 2-4 times greater detection with a magnetic locator, making them the preferred mag nail survey tool for critical point setting by surveyors and engineers everywhere.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary new metal formula retains magnetism
  • Easily detectable by future surveyors, even when farther below the surface
  • Larger center point makes magnail easier to use
  • Increased elasticity reduces head breakage during installation
  • Environmentally friendly corrosion-resistant zinc and clear chromate coating
  • ROHS European compliant
  • Superior performance to PK nails