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Marking Flags

SURV-KAP helps keep worksites safe during landscaping, utility, and construction projects with our wide selection of survey marking flag types. Available in a variety of highly visible colors, all our survey marking flag choices help mark off areas and identify hidden hazards.

Use our stake flags for above ground marking in a variety of different industries. For example, electrical and mechanical engineers, like surveyors, use our flag markers to identify electrical lines, gas lines, sewer lines, etc.

These vibrant marking flags allow for the quick location of utility lines, pipes and sprinklers. With an extensive array of colors and legends available, we can accommodate your survey pin flags and marking needs and ensure consistent communication and long-lasting visibility for your projects. Survey professionals rely on us for superior quality survey marker flags in industry specific color codes. We also have printed marking flags for added safety and clear identification, ideal for areas accessed by the general public and non-industry professionals who might be unfamiliar with your industry's color codes.